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Cerakote Trim Coat - Just the Best for your plastic parts!!


We are pleased to introduce our newest product of the Cerakote family, "Cerakote Trim Coat". "Cerakote Trim Coat" was developed to restore untreated, uncoated plastic linings (especially in the automotive industry) to their current glory. This will last 200 washes or more through - and at the 200th. Wash almost as well as the first.

It is currently available in one finish:

1. Gloss: Restores a classic shiny finish.

Do not wait, try it out !!!

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E-100 Blackout & E-200 FDE - Our new ELITE colors!

We are pleased to introduce our new colors of the Cerakote Elite Series: E-100 Blackout and E-200 FDE. The blackout is a deep dark black, which is perfect for use in the authorities segment.
The Elite FDE is a further development of the H-series with the well-known improved performance characteristics of the Elite series

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Hello Ceramic Friends,

we are proudly able to present you our new PBN Image Movie. Please feel free to take a look at it. Your feedback is highly appreciated and most welcome!


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