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Micro Slick Dry Film Coating

Code: C-110 i
Special feature: Piston Coating
Special feature: low coefficient of friction
Color: Black
Temperature: up to 650°C
Finish: Solid
Series: C-Series
Cure: Air
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Delivery () is expected on 19 April 2024.
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Cerakote Micro Slick Dry Film Lubricant Coating is an ambient (air) cure coating that is blue/grey in appearance.

*NOTE: This product does not require catalyst. This color does require a 325 Mesh Strainer (SE-277).

Cerakote Micro Slick is used to assist with friction areas and shedding of oil. It is used to reduce friction on a variety of internal engine components such as piston skirts, valve stems, and the underside of valve covers. It is also used on firearm components, such as bolts, and bolt carriers.

Cerakote Micro Slick Dry Film C Series Ceramic Coatings will perform at temperatures up to 1200°F and set the industry standard in high temperature coatings. C Series coatings are a line of air cured, ready to spray ceramic coatings. 

Check out the Resources section for product application guides, technical data sheets and SDS information.

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