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Become a certified Ceramic Coating Applicator

"CerakoteGunCoatings.de" and "CerakoteHighTemp.de" is an important, successful and fast growing division of PBN Coatings GmbH.
High Temp Ceramic Coating no longer remains our "secret"! To extend this business all over Europe we are looking for business partner/Company's.

We offer the best Cerakote Ceramic Coating products as well as Solid Dry Film Lubricants (all liquid material) from one of the leading and best known manufactures. A Certified Exhaust/Firearm Coating applicator/dealer has the support, training and products to keep them at the leading edge of the industry in a fast growing market.
Download our training description:
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So if you are in - Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland... or another European Country, please give us a call at
Tel.: +49 (0) 4106-6414121 or send an e-mail at info@cerakote.de and ask about our Certified Applicator Program.