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Elite Level Ceramic Microphone Coating To Place Your Product On Center Stage

If your current microphone coating is NOT giving you...

  • Luxurious color and a striking finish that never fades
  • Impervious protection against heavy chips, scratches, and dings
  • Ultra-lightweight applicable for tight tolerance applications (threads, etc.)
  • Simple yet durable application for aluminum, titanium, polymers and virtually every other potential surface
  • More than 100 designer colors so you can please even the pickiest musicians
  • All at a price that's designed to generate more revenue for your company

...then it's time for you to experience The Cerakote Difference.

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Cerakote: We're In The Business Of Enhancing Your Reputation

As an industry leader in providing high-end ceramic coatings based for automotive, electronics, sports and fitness and even aerospace technology, Cerakote is no stranger to tackling projects that present a unique set of challenges.

In other words, we protect and enhance the things you care about most.

And the music industry is no exception.

That’s why we focus our efforts on creating an easy to apply ceramic coating that puts your microphone exactly where it belongs: front and center, without a single scratch.

Unlike so many other coating materials, Cerakote is the only ceramic coating that can guarantee thousands of hours of usage without requiring the use of multiple, time-consuming and expensive steps for application.

Cerakoted Microphones

With traditional methods including powder, anodizing or liquid paint coating, you get...
  • Uneven color application that varies from microphone to microphone, creating inconsistencies in your product line.
  • Complex, environmentally unfriendly treatments that require sending your products out for application, potentially delaying your manufacturing process.
  • Wear and tear from daily usage that shows on products fairly quickly.
  • Thickly coated treatments that cheapen the overall look and feel of your magnificent microphones.

But with Cerakote, you can discover...
  • Batch after batch of color consistency.
  • A simple V.O.C., heavy metal and hexavalent chrome free, single coat application that increases the speed and efficiency of your coating operation.
  • Microphones used for thousands of hours of glorious musical magic, without looking worn, that will do your brand justice.
  • A unique, high-end look and feel finish your clients can’t wait to use and show off.

Bottom line? Cerakote is your simple, effective solution for adding colorful upgrades to your product line while protecting your business from a quality control nightmare, all in one simple coat.

Instantly Upgrade Your Existing Products Using The Equipment Your Factory Already Has

At Cerakote, we believe beautiful, luxurious finishes shouldn't involve complicated applications. Other industry coatings are costly, potentially dangerous, and often provide hit or miss results. That's why our ceramic based coatings can be easily applied using equipment your factory probably already has.

Here's how it works...

Simple Spray Booth Coating. Cerakote is a single coat application, meaning no primer or top coat are needed. Our ceramic coating can be applied in a spray booth by hand, or robotically for large production runs.

Unsure of how to incorporate Cerakote coatings into your manufacturing process?

Our specialists have worked with applicators in more than 85 counties to create a seamless, effective process custom tailored to their specific needs.

Cerakoted Lauten microphone created to benefit Cancer research

Image: "A limited edition Lauten microphone created to benefit Cancer research, support and treatment, using a custom Cerakote color."

The Bottom Line

As a seasoned industry veteran, you know the only thing more valuable than creating music that inspires, unites, and transcends the ages is building and using the cutting-edge tools that brings each note to life.

Manufacturers, are you applying a professional coating that enhances the quality of your product, will stand the test of time, and extend the life of your equipment for endless concerts and recording sessions to come? When it comes to protecting your microphones from the inevitable wear and tear professionals at all levels of the music industry will subject them to, choose Cerakote, and Finish Strong™.

How do I get started with Cerakote?

Give us a call. If you have questions about whether Cerakote is right for your application, give us a call at +49(0)4106-6414121 or email us at info@pbncoatings.de to speak to an industry specialist.

Cerakoted Audio Research I/50 Integrated Amplifier

Image: "Cerakoted Audio Research Audio Equipment - I/50 Integrated Amplifier."

Brands that Trust Cerakote

Audio brands that trust Cerakote

Extend the protection of your performance products. FINISH STRONG with Cerakote today!

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