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Where it's Going and Why Cerakote Leads the Way!


Additive manufacturing/3D printing is one of the fastest-growing manufacturing technologies for the automotive, aerospace, defense, and healthcare industries. 3D Printers all over the world are printing with different types of polymers to create new parts in shorter time frames and with cost reductions that would never have been achievable with traditional manufacturing methods.

As additive manufacturing continues to grow in different industries, companies must evaluate whether these processes will benefit them or hurt them. An increase in possibilities can also mean an increase in problems.


While additive manufacturing is great for rapid prototyping, small production manufacturing, and quick turnaround times, these parts have limitations in their performance.

Some of the most common issues with 3d printed parts are:

  • Water absorption. Moisture can degrade the plastic.
  • Heat deflection. High heat can melt the plastic.
  • Lack of color choices or finish options.
  • Brittle part structure. Parts are not as solid or strong as injection molding or CNC metals.

There is still much to be desired from 3D parts without having to create or switch to a higher cost material.


Cerakote® provides a finish that increases the performance and physical properties of polymers. Our air cure and oven cure coatings can be applied to polymers. Yes, you read this right, you can oven-cure Cerakote H-Series to polymers at 150°F to 180°F.

For polymers, Cerakote can provide:

  • Hydrophobic properties - repels water and prevents water absorption.
  • Chemical resistance to acids and solvents, protecting against chemical attack or solvent reaction.
  • Scratch resistance to plastics that would otherwise wear with use.
  • Thermal barrier properties - protects the surface from high heat exposure.

Cerakote is considered a "post-processing" coating, as it modifies the surface of the polymer to a harder and more durable finish.

Cerakote also provides an aesthetic finish to parts. The H-Series has hundreds of colors to choose from, offering the option of giving grey chalky parts a bright vibrant surface finish, metallic finish, or even an anodized look. A part can go from looking like a "3D part" to something that looks comparable to an injection molded or anodized machined part.

MJF 3D Printed Benchies in H-Series

It's no secret that Cerakote and 3D printing go hand-in-hand. We interviewed Paul DeWys with Forerunner 3D in Coopersville, MI to tell us why he uses Cerakote for his 3D printing business.

"Once I got my hands on our first sample part we have never used anything else for our end-use parts." - Paul DeWys - Forerunner 3D

Forerunner 3D serves high demand industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense where their customers expect the best part design and finish.

"It (Cerakote) can be applied super thin (thus not really effecting the size of the parts) but still hold up to a lot of abuse. Even if the part is scratched or worn the coating holds on around the damaged area and does not allow the damaged to propagate" - Paul DeWys - Forerunner 3D

Paul and his team continue to find new applications and customers to make the switch to Cerakote from traditional finishes.

"I see it becoming the only option that makes any sense for our end-use parts. It's extremely tough, has a wide variety of color/gloss options, and is easy to work with and apply once you are set up for it. Anyone producing parts with either SLS or MJF technology should be using this coating, its amazing stuff!" - Paul DeWys - Forerunner 3D

MJF 3D Printed Blackbird in H-317 Sunflower

The emerging technology of additive manufacturing and 3D printing continues to bring new applications, designs, and quality to industries all over the world. As these industries integrate these processes into their companies Cerakote will lead the way in aesthetics and performance.


In-House. Additive manufacturers can call or email us if you are interested in getting started with implementing Cerakote coating services into your business. We will help you look at what equipment you need for the size of your business and get you started.

If you are getting your parts printed by a manufacturer, ask them for Cerakote options for your parts. If they don't provide Cerakote services you can find a Factory Trained Cerakote Certified Applicator at Cerakote.com and search for one that is in your area. They would be able to apply the coating and bring your parts or project to life.

Do it yourself. Cerakote offers Starter Kits that will help you get started on your project. Our kits start at just $179.99 that includes everything you need to start Cerakoting your own 3D printed parts.

Give us a call. If you have questions about whether Cerakote is right for your application, give us a call at +49(0)4106-6414121 or email us at info@pbncoatings.de Let us know what type of 3D printer you're using and the material you are printing with and we will point you in the right direction.

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