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Cerakote H-Series Ring Set 1

Code: SE-2201
Unit: 101,09 EUR (net 84,95 EUR)
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Delivery () is expected on 21 June 2023.
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H Series Ring Set 1 is the first Cerakote H Series ring set. Ring sets allow you and your customer to physically look at and touch the coating. With the purchase of both the H Series Ring Sets you will have all of the available colors for Cerakote H Series.H Series Ring Set 1 includes:

Graphite Black H-146
Armor Black H-190
Burnt Bronze H-148
MagPul(TM) Flat Dark Earth H-267
Flat Dark Earth H-265
Tungsten H-237
O.D. Green H-236
Sniper Grey H-234
Robin's Egg Blue H-175
Stainles H-152
USMC Red H-167
Titanium H-170
Desert Sand H-199
Zombie Green H-168
Smith & Wesson Red H-216
Bright White H-140
Satin Aluminum H-151
Tactical Grey H-227
Coyote Tan H-235
Prison Pink H-141
Stormtrooper White H-297
Blue Titanium H-185
Hunter Orange H-128
NRA Blue H-171
MagPul(TM) O.D. Green H-232
Midnight Bronze H-294
Gold H-122
Patriot Brown H-226
Gloss Black H-109
Mil Spec O.D. Green H-240
Noveske Bazooka Green H-189
Bright Purple H-217
Kel-Tec Navy Blue H-127
Barrett Brown H-269
Cobalt H-112
Crimson H-221
Midnight Blue H-238
A.I. Dark Earth H-250
Sky Blue H-169
Snow White H-136
Highland Green H-200
Battleship Grey H-213
Gun Metal Grey H-219
Glock FDE H-261
Ridgeway Blue H-220
Sig Pink H-224
Sig Dark Grey H-210
Satin Mag H-147
Federal Standard Sabre Sand H-33446