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Iwata Spray Gun Kit LPH 80

Code: SE-138
Medium: Preparation
Unit: 370,09 EUR (net 311,00 EUR)
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Delivery () is expected on 18 December 2023.
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The IWATA LPH80 is the ULTIMATE application spray gun for Cerakote with a .80 tip size.  The IWATA LPH80 includes a 4” 150 ml stainless-steel gravity cup. is center-mounted.The IWATA LPH80 will spray all Cerakote Coatings - including metallics - with ease.Miniature, center post gravity feed spray gun is a full-featured HVLP gun with spray characteristics similar to Iwata's popular RG-3 gun.Using only 1.8 cfm at 13 psi, this low-air-consumption gun provides high atomization with precise control of the spray pattern and a minimum of overspray.Features adjustable spray pattern from round to full-fan shape.A stainless-steel nozzle, paint passage and heat-tempered needle ensure long-lasting, peak-performance spraying. Uses the reliable and easy-to-service cartridge-style "air-valve" set, which can be serviced outside the gun and easily placed back into the gun body. Unlike siphon-feed guns, this gravity-feed cup will work with small amounts of paint without spitting.Spray pattern is from 1/8" to 6" (0.3 cm to 15.24 cm)