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CERAKOTE® Professional Ceramic Paint Coating Bulk Pack - 12

Code: AH-501
Cure: Air
Finish: Clear
Unit: 571,14 EUR (net 479,95 EUR)
Delivery () is expected on 4 March 2024.
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Cerakote Professional Paint Coating provides unmatched performance, durability, and ease of application. The most discerning automotive detailers and enthusiasts trust Cerakote to deliver:

Unrivaled Slickness - Experience unparalleled levels of slickness.

Exceptional Gloss and Shine - Achieve results with a mirror-like gloss and brilliance.

Long Lasting - Lasts over 500 real-world washes!

Extreme Hydrophobicity - Experience outstanding beading and water shedding.

Easy to apply - Vehicle is customer-ready in 2 hours and can be washed after just 24 hours!

Put Cerakote to the test against any other paint protection product and see why Cerakote is the World’s leading and most trusted ceramic coating.

This Kit includes:

  • 30 ml bottles of Professional Ceramic Paint Coating - 12x
  • Customer Marketing Brochures - 6x
  • Professional Quality Microfiber Applicators - 6x
  • Instructional Guide - 1x