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Cerakote H-Series Ring Set 3

Code: SE-2203

Cerakote Swatch Sets are a high demand, labor intensive item and can take up to two weeks to fulfill.H Series Swatch Set 3 is the third Cerakote H Series swatch set. Swatch sets allow you and your customer to physically look at and touch the coating. With the purchase of all the H Series Swatch Sets you will have all of the available colors for Cerakote H Series. H Series Swatch Set 3 includes:

   Tequila Sunrise H-309
   Copper Suede H-310
   Pink Champagne H-311
   Polar Blue H-326
   Crushed Orchid H-314
   Northern Lights H-315
   Mojito H-313
   Sunflower H-317
   Habanero Red H-318
   Squatch Green H-316
   Rose Gold H-327
   Charcoal Green H-338
   Ruby Red H-306
   MultiCam® Pale Green H-339
   MultiCam® Olive H-344
   MultiCam® Dark Green H-341
   MultiCam® Light Green H-340
   MultiCam® Dark Brown H-342
   MultiCam® Bright Green H-343
   MultiCam® Dark Grey H-345
   HI-VIS Orange H-346
   Pink Sherbet H-328
   Parakeet Green H-331
   Citron H-324
   Purplexed H-332
   Blue Raspberry H-329
   Copper H-347
   Platinum Grey H-337
   Frost H-312
Unit: 58,85 EUR (net 49,45 EUR)
To offer you the lowest US product pricing, we have to charge 16% proportional overseas freight charges (freight/tax/handling fee).
Delivery () is expected on 17 May 2021.

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