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Piston Coat (Oven Cure)

Code: V-136
Color: Gold
Cure: Oven
Uv stability: Excellent
Temperature: up to 1000°C
Series: V-Series

Piston Coat is a dark bronze/gold with a soft metallic finish ceramic thin film thermal barrier coating, designed to be applied on internal engine parts that require a thermal barrier. This coating is designed to be applied to piston tops, combustion chambers, valve tops, exhaust ports, external turbo housings and exhaust components. Note: Most V-Series high temperature coatings are also available in the C-Series line of air cure high temperature coatings.

*NOTE: This product does not require catalyst. This color does require a 100 Mesh Strainer (Se 275).

To offer you the lowest US product pricing, we have to charge 16% proportional overseas freight charges (freight/tax/handling fee).
Delivery () is expected on 24 May 2021.

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