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Graphite Black

Code: C-102
Special feature: High Thermal Emissivity
Cure: Air
Finish: Metallic
Temperature: up to 1000°C
Uv stability: Excellent
Color: Black
Series: C-Series
To offer you the lowest US product pricing, we have to charge 16% proportional overseas freight charges (freight/tax/handling fee).
Dangerous goods: UN-number 1263, Dangerous goods class 3
Delivery () is expected on 8 February 2023.
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Cerakote Graphite Black is a flat black.

*NOTE: This product does not require catalyst. This color does require a 150 Mesh Strainer (SE-276).
Cerakote Graphite Black C Series Ceramic Coatings will perform at temperatures up to 1,000°C and set the industry standard in high temperature coatings. C Series coatings are a line of air cured, ready to spray ceramic coatings. Check out the Resources section for product application guides, technical data sheets and SDS information.

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