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Gen II Desert Sand

Code: HIR-199 i
Special feature: NIR Signiture Managment
Color: Tan
Uv stability: Good
Cure: Oven
Finish: Solid
Series: Gen II Coatings

One of our most popular lightest tans.

Cerakote Gen II Coatings are the next generation of firearm coatings developed specifically for military small arms and crew-served weapon applications where a capability is needed to manage the visual and near-infrared signature while at the same time enhancing durability, reliability and maintainability.

In addition to the signature management capability, Cerakote Gen II offers superior wear and corrosion resistance under a wide variety of adverse environmental conditions likely to be encountered in all theaters of operation. Cerakote Gen II is designed to conform to the NIR reflectivity standards outlined in MIL-DTL-44436.

Important: NIC Industries restricts the sale of Gen II coatings to military and law enforcement agencies. We will also require a letter of authorization from the military or law enforcement agency.

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