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Plug Kit for Travel Mugs/To-Go

Code: SE-261

We have the Travel Mug/To-Go Cup Plug Kit you have been waiting for. Create your cup today! This dynamic kit includes (1) roll of 3/8’’ inch high heat tape and (4) varying sizes of plugs, ranging from 1 7/8‘’ to 4’’ in diameter and 1’’ to 1 ½’’ in depth. [br][br]Our Plug Kit is the only high temperature silicone plug kit on the market.[br][br]Red plug: Contour is 3 ¼’’ by 4’’ with a 1 ½’’ depth.[br]White plug: Contour is 3’ by 3 ½’’ with a 1 ½’’ depth.[br]Teal plug: Contour is 2 ¾’’ by 3 ¼’’ with a 1 ½’’ depth.[br]Blue plug: Contour is 1 7/8’’ by 2 ¼’’ with a 1’’ depth.[br][br]These incredibly durable high temp silicone plugs are good for more than just cups*. They can be used with scopes and binoculars, exhaust pipes, mugs, flashlights, vases, and more![br]Plugs are designed to plug areas that you want to protect while spraying. Our plugs are rated up to 600*F (315*C). [br][br]Don’t miss your chance to perfect a coating experience and grab your plug kit today![br][br]*This plug kit will work for Yeti, Rtic, Hydro Flask, Engel, Ozark Trail, Klean Kanteen, 50/50, Orca, Lit Coolers and more.
Set: 47,54 EUR (net 39,95 EUR)
To offer you the lowest US product pricing, we have to charge 16% proportional overseas freight charges (freight/tax/handling fee).
Delivery () is expected on 5 November 2021.