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Grey Scotch Brite

Code: SE-358
Set: 33,90 EUR (net 28,49 EUR)
To offer you the lowest US product pricing, we have to charge 16% proportional overseas freight charges (freight/tax/handling fee).
Delivery () is expected on 18 July 2022.

Description: We want to make sure you have all the tools for success. Scotch Brite is a vital tool in the Cerakoting process! We recommend scotch brite for parts that can’t be sandblasted. Parts such as polymer, plastic, fiberglass, and some composites. Scotch Brite will help remove the sheen before coating and give the substrate an etch to adhere too. If you are coating parts that can’t be sandblasted, make sure you get your scotch brite today!* Ultra fine finishing action outperforms steel wool for cleaning, blending, prepping and finishing on metal, wood, plastics and composites
* Performs like steel wool grade 00 without shredding, rusting, or splintering
* Pad conforms to irregular surfaces and gets into corners without losing performance
* Cleans metal, composites, and other materials without altering the base material