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Cerakote Hook Kit

Code: PBN-175

[b]Description:[/b][br]High Quality Hook Kit loaded with 200 of the most common hook sizes.[br][br]-Most complete firearm coating hook kit on the market[br]-200 Reusable Industrial Coating Hooks[br]-Multiple Styles, Lengths and Gauges for all coating scenarios[br]-Hand picked sizes from the Cerakote Instructors to work on all firearm types[br][br][b]Contains:[/b][br]1,1x100mm 50 Stck./Kit[br]1,5x100mm 50 Stck./Kit[br]2,0x200mm 50 Stck./Kit[br]3,0x200mm 50 Stck./Kit
Set: 59,49 EUR (net 49,99 EUR)
Delivery () is expected on 17 May 2021.

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